Daisy Grace Peters

Daisy is a 7-year old girl who lives with her mom Delores in Queens, New York. She has a creative spirit and a colorful personality. This comes through in her love for painting, arts & crafts, molding and the clothes she wears. Daisy loves food, and her favorites are mom’s spaghetti & meat sauce, chicken, homemade burgers and candy. She enjoys playing beach volleyball, riding her bike and skateboarding. One of Daisy’s favorite things to do is read. She believes books are her friends that take her imagination on great adventures.

Delores S. Peters

Born in Montserrat W.I., her family migrated to New York when she was 5-years old. In her earlier years she was a production assistant turned producer on music videos, commercials and an independent film. Later, she worked alongside her sister and was passionate about heading up the clothing companies’ sales, and production departments. Currently she is a real estate agent. During a “Talk time” conversation with Daisy Grace, Daisy told her mom she was creative, but she didn’t realize it. Delores decided to explore Daisy’s words. This book is the beginning of her creative journey with her muse Daisy Grace by her side.